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Is your business scaling but the team not following? Are you experiencing a slowdown in your progress? Is the lack of processes in the business stopping you from moving forward? 

Being a growing startup is not easy, and there are a million tasks at hand all the time. With experience in successfully setting up the vision, mission, strategy, objectives, and key results for clients, and aligning with what they wish to achieve Malin works with growing businesses that needs more structure for the next growth phase of their journey. Working with data analytics and the consultant approach tasks at hand with a DMAIC approach making sure to analyse the current processes, performance, and team at hand and supporting on executing improvements.

Malin brings knowledge and experience from her work as a business leader, Chief of Staff, and Chief Operating Officer. She has successfully optimised processes, implemented OKRs, and developed operations, HR, and legal structures for business strategic vision across startups in Southeast Asia and bigger corporates in Europe. Having led business units across Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, and the Philippines with over 200 employees, and project-managed operations of joint ventures and mergers in Asia and Europe. She brings expertise and experience from industries such as e-commerce, tech, hospitality, mobility, and consultancy.

The consulting Process

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Together we assess if the consulting needs can be met by Malin's background and experience and align on a program, plan, and package for the work needed.
Together with the business the consultant works with a DMAIC approach to analyse the current processes, performance, and team at hand and support executing improvements as per the aligned plan.
Evaluation of the process and progress is conducted with the business after the agreed offer timeline. Malin is available for discussions and consulting throughout the whole process.

Packages and Pricing

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Malin offers her time on an hourly basis or per project.

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