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“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

- Mary Oliver-

Coaching Approach

Through the coaching sessions, you work with different coaching tools and approaches. Malin uses a blended approach depending on the situation and your preferences but with an overall focus on holistic development, congruence and growing self-awareness.

As a Personal Development Coach, Malin offers coaching as a partnership between her and you as a client. With the belief that we all have the answers inside of us, she works with a transformational coaching framework to help you gain clarity of your thoughts and mind. Looking at habits, thoughts, beliefs, and purpose to create further self-awareness and support your personal growth so that you can thrive fully in your career, in your relationships, and overall live with balance and joy. The goal is to enable you to achieve your dreams whether it is in relation to career, business, relationships, or overall personal development.

As a certified Yoga Teacher and mindfulness student, Malin's coaching is holding a holistic approach, where yoga techniques such as Breathwork, Meditation, and Asanas can be incorporated in the coaching sessions if the client wished to. The yogic approach is fully science-based and focuses on the powerful interaction between body and mind.


Offering coaching as a benefit to your employees has a lot of positive effects on your business. Apart from the increase in employee retention and performance enhancement,  employees improve their communication skills, enhance self-awareness, and develop increased critical thinking.

Effective coaching for your employees is supporting them to achieve their goals. The coaching process supports the employee to set meaningful goals and identify how to meet them. Coaching supports your employee in clarifying milestones and measures of success, identifying possible obstacles on the way, and holding the employee accountable along the process.

The coaching sessions are working on the person as a whole, with the belief that there is no such thing as work-life balance. There is one human, one life, and one time, and anything that is going on in the employee's life is relevant to being able to thrive at work, and as a human. This means that the sessions are focused on the employee's needs and are completely confidential and not controlled by the business. Malin uses a blended approach with different coaching tools and approaches depending on the situation and the employee's preferences. With an overall focus on personal development, performance enhancement, and growing self-awareness.

Coaching Process

Private: A free introductory conversation is offered to evaluate if the coaching relationship is a good match for both parties. Honesty and transparency are key and this session will support the coach and coachee or business to gauge if this is the right partnership fit!

In this phase, we together agree on the foundation of the coaching offered. Here we also define the desired outcomes and agree on the pathway to this goal.
The coaching sessions are conducted as per the contracting agreement. The coach will check in to make sure we are on the desired path and evaluate progress together.  
At the end of the coaching sessions, an evaluation is held to evaluate the coaching relationship and progress against desired outcomes. Here we also decide on the next steps forward. 

Coaching Model and Timeline EXAMPLE

Session 1. agreement and goals
In the first session we will be working on defining the true goal for our sessions and go deeper in to the unconscious mind to understand the motivations behind the goal. 
Session 2. create awareness
By thought provoking questions and coaching tools we will start exploring the mind to get to the currently unknown, and frame our present state.
Session 3. take action
We will be moving the mind and focus from current state and focus on the future. By reframing the goal we can start seeing some direct actions that serve our goals. 
Session 4. accountability
We focus on the accountability and follow up on progress based on the decided actions. This will help us define improvement areas to support you in reaching your goal. 

Session 5. Assess progress 
The final session is there for us to assess the progress, celebrate the achievements and check-in. Is the coaching working for you and are we seeing the results we want? 

Packages and Pricing

Reach out to hear more about how you can start your coaching journey today!
A free coaching session as well as discounted coaching packages are offered to make sure that you feel safe and comfortable in the whole process.

For business coaching, a subscription model is available for you to offer coaching to all your employees!
Prices subject to change based on the finalised package discussed with individual businesses.  

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